30 Minute Indian Dinner Recipes

Whether you’re cooking a full-course meal for two or a simple snack, you’re sure to find a few recipes that only take half an hour. The key to making these dishes is timing. If you underestimate the amount of time you need to prepare food, you’ll end up with a late dinner and a tired cook. In this 30-minute Indian cookbook, you’ll find delicious recipes for all three.

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Lemon rice is a staple of Southern India. It’s served during breakfast, lunch and dinner. To make your own version, cook leftover rice. Toss in some curry leaves, mustard seeds, and red chilies. Fry them for a couple of minutes over medium-low heat. Add turmeric powder and stir to combine. Cook the rice until the desired consistency is achieved. Lastly, serve with a savory side dish.

Another delicious and simple 30 minute Indian dinner is mango-based. Mango is the King of Fruits in India, and almost every region of the country has a mango-based dish. The two flavors combine beautifully to create a mouthwatering dinner that is easy to prepare and eat. Then, add a cup of rice and enjoy! The leftovers are delicious! Once again, make some extra and serve them for a delicious dinner!

Instant Indian dinner recipes are perfect for quick meals or for busy nights. There are many quick and easy meals you can make in under an hour. Many recipes are made with whole wheat flour and are a great choice if you’re looking for a quick meal. You can also enjoy instant Indian crepes, which are made from oatmeal. These dishes can be made in minutes and are healthy. The perfect companion to any curry!

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