Bitcoin Price Prediction – End of 2022

The Finder website surveyed fintech experts and asked them about their bitcoin price predictions for the end of 2022. They allow panelists to answer as many questions as they’d like, and there is no limit to the number of answers. In the end, 45 panelists provided their estimates for the price of thoptvnews. These people may own some crypto, so they listed their prices in terms of USD per BTC. In 2022, Finder modified its methodology, removing the top and bottom 10% of responses, and recalculated the results.

Warren Buffett

During his annual shareholder meeting, Warren Buffett trashed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He claimed he wouldn’t buy all of them for $25 and that the entire crypto industry would end up being worthless. Buffett’s right-hand man, Charlie sharechatnews, has also been critical of the cryptocurrency.

According to Buffett, the world’s top investor, he’d rather invest in stocks of producing companies instead of cryptocurrencies. He believes that cryptocurrencies are just like boxnet schemes that aren’t worth anything. Also, he says that investors will lose money if their investments don’t keep pace with inflation. This is a major concern for the crypto community.


Whether bitcoin will hit $15K by the end of 2022 is an interesting question to ask. A panel of Finder employees and industry experts asked questions regarding the future of the cryptocurrency. The results of their survey are based on data from two surveys: a weekly poll of five nextwapblog experts, and a quarterly survey of 53 industry experts. The panelists’ opinions vary, but on average, 77% said the cryptocurrency market will enter a crypto winter in the next two years, while 29% predicted it would hit $100k by 2025 or $314k by 2030. However, some experts believe bitcoin will drop below $10k by 2022, with a potential price of $25473 in 2022.

Despite the volatility of pienews markets, the Bitcoin price remains a good investment. As of January 2018, the price of BTC/USD was at $28,900, and the year’s high was almost $68,000. Despite this, Finder’s Bitcoin price prediction has created a stir among industry insiders. The panel’s forecast was based on the opinion of 53 industry experts, each with their own view on the state of the crypto market.

Finder’s survey

Finder’s survey was conducted with a panel of 35 experts in the crypto industry. Of these, half believe that bitcoin will eventually lose its status as the top cryptoasset. Another third believe that bitcoin should move to a proof-of-stake model.

Despite this recent decline, most panellists still think now is a good time to buy BTC. But that’s down from April, when a similar survey predicted that the cryptocurrency would reach $179,280 and $420,240 by 2030. Among those who think now is the right time to buy, 53% said it is the best time to hold on to BTC, while 24% said it is time to sell it.


There are many factors that affect the price of a cryptocurrency. Some of these factors include political uncertainty, inflation, and the desire of people to hold non-government controlled assets. But, the main factor that drives cryptocurrency prices is volatility, so many analysts come into play to try and forecast the future price. But despite all of this, a majority of the panelists still believe that bitcoin will eventually lose its position as the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency.

In order to make a good prediction, traders use various tools, indicators, and chart patterns. One of the most popular of these indicators is the moving average. The moving average is the average closing price of MPH over a chosen time frame. Moving averages are usually divided into equal-length periods. A 12-day simple moving average, for example, is the average closing price over the last 12 days, divided by 12. An exponential moving average is an exponential moving average, which gives more weight to recent prices and reacts more quickly to price action.

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