Guide to the Freshly-Introduced Crusader Class in Ragnarok Origin Global

The latest update in Ragnarok Origin Global has introduced a brand new class called the Crusader, which operates as a 2-2 subclass of Swordsman. This new class provides adventurers with a unique way to enjoy the game right from the start. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of how to play the Crusader class in Ragnarok Origin Global.

Between June 21st at 5 PM and July 21st at 4:59 PM, those adventurers above Lv. 25 can take advantage of the Crusader Benefits. This includes double EXP from daily commissions, exclusive rewards related to certain Crusader levels, and extra EXP and bonuses when transitioning to the Crusader title. Moreover, players helping Crusaders in Ragnarok Origin Global will be rewarded with extra Proofs of Union, as long as the Server Level is Lv. 70 or above.

The following abilities are suggested for Crusaders playing Ragnarok Origin Global:

For Ragnarok Origin Global, the deployment of skills is a key factor in achieving the maximum battle potential out of the Crusader class. It is suggested to assign at least 40 points to essential skills such as Riding, Cavalry Master, Heal, Shield Charge, and Spear Stab. If focusing on offense, Shield Mastery, Faith, and Providence should be prioritized, and for a defensive build, Faith, Providence, and Auto Guard should be the focus.

Maximizing damage output can be achieved through Shield Mastery, while Auto Guard gives players the opportunity to protect themselves from physical assaults. Players who prioritize defense should consider investing in either Lv.10 Reflect Shield and Lv.4 Shield of Light, or Lv.9 Reflect Shield and Lv.5 Shield of Light. Those focused on offense should attempt to reach Lv.10 Reflect Shield, and use any remaining points as they see fit. To customize, players can maximize Faith and Shield of Light, and then allocate the rest depending on their individual playstyle.

A fresh class, the Crusader, was recently brought into the Ragnarok Origin Global. Here is a guide for it!

An inventory of items that are suggested for those playing the Crusader class in the Ragnarok Origin Global game is provided below.

Choosing the right gear is essential to secure maximum performance and efficiency. Those who favour a defence-centric approach should arm themselves with the Longhorn Spear, which boosts the odds of successful healing spells, as well as the Cross Shield in order to maximize damage, thus creating a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience.

Gamers who prefer the Holy Cross build should look into the Holy Light Halberd. This weapon works to amplify both holy and magical strikes, enabling gamers to deal out punishing blows to their enemies. The Holy Light Halberd’s potential can be realized and its magical capabilities can be unlocked to maximize holy powers.

The Tyr suit is a great option for armor, providing an increase to physical attack power and allowing for great destruction during battle. On the other hand, the Govine suit can help to reduce elemental damage taken and also increase the SP capacity to its maximum.

For those seeking to experience the Crusader class in Ragnarok Origin Global, Redfinger Cloud Phone, an Android emulator, can be employed. This will allow gamers to enjoy Ragnarok Origin Global to the fullest, without the worry of storage space or other concerns.

  1. Go to Google Play and download the REDFINGER app. For iOS users, access the cloud phone through the browser on the official website.
  2. Log in to the Redfinger cloud smartphone to gain access.
  3. Use the search bar in the REDFINGER APP Store to find Ragnarok Origin Global.
  4. Download and install the game with Redfinger.
  5. Start up the game and enjoy playing Ragnarok Origin Global through the Android emulator.

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