How Does a Breathalyzer Work?

A breathalyzer works by measuring the concentration of alcohol in your breath. The device uses a sensor to measure the amount of alcohol in your breath compared to the legal limit. Alcohol in your blood does not change chemically in the bloodstream, but it can move to the lungs through the alveoli, the tiny air sacs in your lungs. The breathalyzer measures how much alcohol is in your breath compared to the legal limit to determine if you have been drinking Dbfile. thestyleplus

Alcohol contains ethanol, a chemical that remains in your breath after drinking. The ethanol will react with oxygen and water in the atmosphere and create acetic acid. As a result, the current produced by the breathalyzer is proportional to the amount of alcohol in your breath Todayeduhub. However, the accuracy of a breathalyzer is not as high as that of a blood test. Therefore, you should consult a qualified professional if you are charged with DUI or other DUI offense . funnyjok

There are two different types of breathalyzers: fuel cell breathalyzers and semiconductor oxide breathalyzers Stoptazmo. Fuel cell breathalyzers are portable and hand-held devices that measure alcohol levels in the breath. The fuel cell breathalyzer is the most popular and is used to test drivers for driving under the influence of alcohol. The fuel cell breathalyzer uses a fuel cell that uses a chemical reaction to determine the amount of alcohol in your breath Lifebehavior. The resulting electric current is then converted to a specific BAC level.

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