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The Positives and Negatives of Hip Hop

Livemocha The genre of hip hop is a great medium to express one’s individuality and social consciousness. The style is not restricted to verbal expression; it is also reflected in other artistic mediums, such as beat boxing, graffiti writing, and break dancing. Hip hop culture is not only rooted in music and dance, but also in people’s behavior, fashion, and street culture. Although the genre has polarized audiences over the years, hip hop is a universal language that appeals to many people of all races and cultures zoopy

hyves Rap music has always been controversial, but many of its creators use their music to make a political statement. For instance, Eminem’s last album was heavily critical of President Donald Trump, and many listeners immediately declared that they would never listen to him again. While this can have negative consequences, it can also bring awareness to broader issues. Some rap songs have even influenced social change. However, it is important to consider the potential consequences of promoting political issues in music iwiw

While hip hop has polarized racial and sex preferences, it has become increasingly popular and embraced by a wide range of cultures. The genre originated in black communities in the 1970s, but has expanded to reach all parts of the globe, with non-black people now comprising 75% of hip hop’s audience. The genre’s positive effects extend well beyond race and ethnic groups, unifying millions of youth across the world kiwibox

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